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Katz Graduate School of Business
The EMBA Worldwide program provides corporate managers and executives the opportunity to earn a wealth of valuable and immediately applicable skills. Students gain credibility and confidence to analyze, strategize and lead effectively. Our three Global Executive Forums afford students an in-depth understanding of all areas of business administration, a powerful network of contacts which is both local and global, and an international perspective on business. MORE DETAILS

♦ % Program Name : EMBA Worldwide Program - Pittsburgh

♦ Average Years Work: 15 (years)

♦ Accredited by: University of Pittsburgh

♦ Average Programme Duration: 19 (months)

♦ Average Total Tuition Fees: $65,000 (US Dollars)

♦ Class Size : 23

♦ International Trip : No

♦ Average Management Experience : 10 (years)

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